I grew up in a rural area of Canada, about three hundred miles north west of Montreal, deep in the woods.

In winter, we went cross country skiing across the field and into the woods, following trails my dad and brother made by snowmobile. In summer, we picked wild strawberries and blueberries, went camping at a lake, and spent a whole lot of time outdoors.

Maybe that's why I feel so at home in nature. Hiking became my haven of peace, a way to take a break from this hectic life and just breathe.

I started going on short hikes, on my own or with my dog, then I discovered the fun of group hiking on longer trails. I needed hiking companions who didn't need to stop at every tree ... (Not much of a workout!) 

I want to share my outdoor adventures with you, in pictures and in stories.

I am also a writer, and I self-published a children's novel in 2014, titled ADVENTURES ON NEMESIS MOUNTAIN. You can find it on Amazon